Black Republicans and Texas Politics.


Did you know?

* The Texas Republican Party was formed on July 4, l867 in Houston by l50 black and 20 White Texans.

* The first 42 blacks elected to the Texas Legislature were Republicans.

* Texas was the only state to have 3 blacks serving in statewide office--all were Republicans: Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson(ret.) Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwrigh (ret), and Education Commissioner Michael Williams.

* President George W. Bush was the first president to appoint a black as Secretary of State (Colin Powell). He also appointed blacks as National Security Advisor (Condoleeza Rice), Secretrary of Education (Rod Paige), and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Alphonso Jackson).

* Of the four blacks who have ever been U. S. Senators, three were Republicans.

* When the l4th and l5th Admendments extending civil rights and voting rights to blacks passed, not even one Democrat in congress voted for those admendments.

* Equal opportunity is a right and a privilege. Texans should be able to start a business, run for office or chase a dream without the threat that government will puinish success. Black Republicans are successful leaders in their communities and in Texas politics. The Republican Party of Texas is the political party that can best help all citizens achieve their hopes and dreams.