President's messages from monthly newsletters.

  February 2018

For those of you who were unable to attend the January meeting, you missed another great one!  The Texas Comptroller was a big hit with everyone and did an outstanding job of explaining that he is not only our tax collector, he also pays all the bills. Another important thing he did mention was all the unclaimed money he is holding for Texans.  It could be from interest on closed bank accounts, security deposits on apartments or utility deposits, stocks, jewels and cash from bank deposit boxes, final paychecks, etc.   He said his office has returned over 2 billion dollars to Texans over the years and I believe I am correct in saying that there is 79 million dollars just sitting there waiting to be claimed by San Antonio residents!  Go to to see if your name or a family member is listed.   Comptroller Hegar is a joy to be around and is always so happy and positive.

We also got to hear from our candidate for District Attorney Tyndal Schaeffer plus all the candidates who had not spoken to us in December.  There are so many candidates in the primary election that if we had let all those attending speak for 2 minutes we would have been there past 1.30PM.

We really appreciate all of our Circle of Champion members.  Twenty-seven members have already signed or re-signed up to be 2018 Champions.    If you are new we do this instead of asking you to attend fundraisers.  There are different levels starting as low as $50.00 annually. Your name will be listed as a Champion on the website, in the newsletter, on the Champion board at the luncheons, in the 2018/2019 Handbook plus you will be invited to a Christmas brunch early in December.

We are in the process of filling our 2018 Committees check inside to see if there is a place for you to serve.  Some take just a couple of hours a month, others maybe a few hours a year.

Freida Wright



  Jan 2017

Happy New Year to all of the awesome Alamo City Republican Women members!  2017 is going to be another great year for us, although it is going to be difficult to best 2016 with getting a new President and so many of us getting to work on his campaign.

Our Christmas luncheon was a huge success. We were entertained by the beautiful singing of Christmas songs by member Margaret Ham, who was accompanied by the talented Col. Paul Schaffenberger.  Gina Snow thanked us for the diaper donations and explained how the Pregnancy Care Center works.   Always a joy, Congressman Lamar Smith gave a wonderful speech and answered so many questions from the audience.   Santa was in attendance handing out our beautiful new Christmas ornaments. If you are friends with me on Facebook you saw all the colorful pictures with so many of you wearing red, taken at our December luncheon.

We did get some bad news at the luncheon.  Unfortunately, Oak Hills Country Club will be closing down for how long we do not know. Our final meeting of 2017 will be May.   A committee has been formed to find us a location that is easily accessible and has plenty of parking.  If you have any suggestions of a location please contact me and I will pass the information on to the committee.

We are looking for members to serve on many committees, please read the list inside.

In 2017 we will be concentrating on electing strong Republicans to the City Council.  We have opportunities, in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.    We know 9 and 10 usually elect Republicans. The other three city council seats are currently held by Democrats, however, if we work hard enough we should be able to switch them to Republican. We know many of you will have a certain person you would like to run from your Council District.  We hope you will look at the big picture to make certain that person is electable by the whole district, is not one issue person and please find out what their experience is.  We all know City races are supposedly non-partisan but that is not so any more, even if they run without a R or D by their name, we know who they are!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the January luncheon.


  May 2016

Who would have thought that during Fiesta we would have almost a full house at the luncheon—well we did!   Nelson Balido really attracted the crowd and I must say he was outstanding.  One person told me she could listen to him over again!  A gentleman who attended said to me “He should consider running for office.” Thank you Nelson, your presentation was excellent and gave a lot of information for the guests to ponder upon.

Many of you who are friends of mine Facebook saw all the wonderful pictures taken that day by Carol Ann Baker, Alamo City Republican Women’s Publicity Chair.   The post includes pictures, I believe,  of the eleven Judges who attended.  Twelve had reservations but unfortunately Judge Melisa Skinner was caught up in a trial so she couldn’t get away.

The state convention is being held in Dallas the 12th through 14th of May.     Many Alamo City Republican Women members will be representing you at this event.   We will be electing National Committee man and woman, State Chairman and Vice Chair plus the 31 Senatorial Districts will all be electing a man and a woman to serve on the State Republican Executive Committee.  It is not to late to go as a guest or to volunteer.  Go to www.GOP.orgto sign up.

I want to recognize one of our members who recently celebrated her 90th birthday.   Barbara Bearr has served on the Board of Alamo City Republican Women “forever” as she says.   If you do not know Barbara she is the lady who takes most of the reservations for our luncheons.   On the Monday, prior to the Tuesday luncheon she sorts all those names and writes them out by hand alphabetically then divides them in to three lists ready for the next day.   On the day of the luncheon she is sitting at the table in the lobby on the far left accepting money.   She is an amazing lady who walks every morning and as soon as the weather warms up swims every morning.  She is a world traveler.  In 2015 she went on an African safari! Prior to that she cruised to Russia.  Barbara never slows down. Always doing something such a going to Dallas for a “girls” weekend with her daughters, granddaughter and grandbaby.  What a lady!

On May 17th we are going to hold another spectacular luncheon.   We have Speaker Straus and Asia Ciaravino, Chief Operating Officer for the 300SA (The Tri-centennial Commission).  Be sure to read their bios inside.

Please bring a guest to the luncheon and then encourage them to join.  All of our candidates are going to need so much help this fall.   The more members we have, the larger the volunteer pool becomes.



  April 2016

We were truly blessed at our March Meeting. Our Republican National Committee woman Toni Anne Dashiell gave an outstanding presentation of what is go- ing on nationally and the state level. She was followed by Robert Stovall, Bexar County Republican Party Chairman, who gave us insight into what is going on lo- cally. It was also great to have some of our local Judges attend. Often it is difficult for them to come especially if they are in the middle of a trial.

The fun part of the luncheon was the auction of the chair donated by State Representative Lyle Larson. Our National Committeewoman is quite an auctioneer! She was running around the room getting bids and the final one was by member Elisa Chan. Thank you Elisa for your $1,000 bid. This money will be used to help our candidates this fall. And thank you Toni Anne Dashiell for helping us out.

I received a call this week from Rhonda Lacey of Midland. She is the mem- bership chair for the Texas Federation of Republican Women and she would like us to increase our membership by at least 100 from what we had as of March 22nd and I agreed that we could do that. If we can get the 30 or so members who have not paid their 2016 dues we will be well on our way to reaching that goal. So how do we achieve this? For starters we can reach out to former members we know and explain how important it is to support us and to get involved this election year. Second, reach out to friends or strangers and invite them to join or to attend a luncheon. Car- ry a membership application with you at all times in your car or purse. Some people never join because they have never been asked. When you think about a city this size and then of how few people are involved in Republican organizations, it is shameful. Let’s do our part and bring in as many friends as we can. Just imagine how it would be if we all just brought in one new member. We could double our size immediately!

We are now in the process of selling ads for our 2016 edition of our fabulous Handbook. If you would like to receive the ad specs I can email them to you. Carry your Handbook with you and show it to your beauty shop owner, garage, landscap- ing people or any other business owner. Just remember cannot accept checks from Corporations.

The April 19th luncheon is going to another exciting meeting with Nelson Balido as our guest speaker. Nelson and his beautiful wife are members of Alamo City Republican Women.

Wear your Fiesta meds at the April luncheon!


  March 2016

President’s Message

We did it again!   What a fantastic reception we held at Franklin Park.   I am sorry so many of our regular luncheon members stayed at home.   Franklin Park is so elegant and the food was outstanding.  There are pictures on my Facebook page “Freida Graham Wright” if you want to check them out. A special “Thank You” goes to our friends Susan and Aubra Franklin for their generosity in giving us the use of their lovely facility once again.  We just took over the lobby area with registration and the boutique.  Then had Anne Taylor registering voters on the balcony and the reception in the Franklin Room.   Karan had a great group of volunteers greeting guests, registering guests, making nametags, selling jewelry, serving food and drinks.   They were just awesome.   Their names are listed inside this newsletter.

By the time you read this Super Tuesday will be over.  There will be some disappointments when your candidate didn’t win I am sure but that is what primary elections are all about.    Now we have to work very hard to make certain all of the Republicans win.   As you have seen by the early voting turnout, the Democrats always come out in force in a Presidential year so we must be mindful in helping our local candidates.  On the national level that is another story.  There are some conservative Senators who have strong opponents so we could possibly lose seats in the Senate and we could lose the presidency again.  It is scary to think that way but it is possible.

As you will see from the notice inside, we will be auctioning off the “The Chair” at the March luncheon so bring your checkbooks.  Representative Lyle Larson donated this to the club for a fundraiser.  The bid will start at $500.00.

Our National Republican Committee Woman, Toni Anne Dashiell, is one of our guest speakers.  If you have never met her you are in for a treat.    She will be running for that office again at the Republican State Convention to be held in Dallas in May.    Be sure to read her bio.  She is an amazing woman. I have known her for 15 years.

 Our second speaker has not confirmed as I write this.

Please read the article inside regarding the state convention.   If your Precinct is small and you are only allotted a few delegates you can often get a larger precinct chair to put you on their list as a delegate or at the end of the senatorial convention they will have some at large spots available. I know in my Precinct I had many slots open last time and was able to fill them from other precincts. I think I was allowed around 30 delegates.   Please put the convention on your calendar.  You will learn a lot and not only that it is just so exciting to be part of the political process.

  February 2016

We started off the year with a bang with two fantastic speakers again.   I know it is uncomfortable at times but it appears we will be having 10 guests per table from now on. We did have a few complaints of members not being able to find a seat and isn’t that a good problem to have?   If we can just get a minimum of 30 more members to attend Oak Hills Country Club will open up the second ballroom for us.

We do hope you enjoyed meeting our new President of Texas Federation of Republican Women, Theresa Kosmoski from the Houston area. She has set a high goal of growing the Federation’s membership so let us do our part by growing our membership.   As Theresa said, if we all recruit just one new member this year we will double our membership.   This is a Presidential election year so we can do it!

Our new State Chairman Tom Mechler, our other speaker, was outstanding and I hope you enjoyed what he had to say as much as I did.   He is going to be a great leader for the Republican Party of Texas.

Those who were at the luncheon got to see that awesome chair up on the stage. State Representative Lyle Larson, HD 122 donated this chair for us to auction off for our candidate fund.  There is a picture inside this newsletter. Be sure to be there to bid on it.

As I am writing this I am also watching the election results and it just was just confirmed that John Lujan has won the HD118 race 52.3% to 47.62%.   It was an extremely low turnout.  There are 87,384 voters in the district and only 3,601 voted.   Now John is on the ballot again on March 1 and this time he has a Republican opponent.   I think many people were confused because early voting begins again on February 14 for the March primary and that is the reason for the low turnout.

I want to stress right now if you want to go to the state convention in May, please attend your Precinct Meeting at 7:30 on March 1 and your Senatorial Convention on March 19.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to call me.

Bring a friend to the reception on the 16th.

  January 2016

What a great year 2015 was for Alamo City Republican Women and thank all of you for making it so!  We had fantastic speakers at all of our luncheons and we ended in December with the Sheriff installing the 2016 Executive Board and giving us an update on all the exciting things happening in the Sheriff’s department.  Plus we had Rep. Jason Villalba of Dallas speaking on party unity and that really was an excellent topic with all the current divisiveness going on in the party.   What he said is true—if we don’t all get on the same train we will end up all over the place.   Many Republican candidates are quoting Ronald Reagan and think if they use his name that they will get your vote, even if what they are saying is not quite the truth.    President Reagan compromised and negotiated with Democrats plus you never heard him downgrading other Republicans.

Regarding the Christmas luncheon; if you were not there you missed a fabulous one and you missed Santa Claus handing out Alamo City Republican Women’s Christmas ornaments.   A “special thank you” goes to Michael Joseph”, our Santa Claus for the day and Michael stayed in character for two hours.  We had many guests who we had not seen for a while, including Judge Rickhoff wearing his red jacket.  What about that young man, Isaac Green, who sang the National Anthem—he was outstanding.  He also accompanied the lovely singer Elena Castoreno on the piano.

We did have an extremely full house and two tables had to be squeezed in when we already had 10 guests per table.   If you had a different entrée or dessert from others it was because Oak Hills Country Club were not prepared for the 25 or so guests who showed up without reservations.      The Country Club is always closed on Mondays so that is the reason we request you make your reservation on the Friday prior to the Tuesday luncheon.  Please honor this also if you make a reservation and cannot keep it we do ask that you send in your check because it is not always that we have that many walk-ins to cover the reservation.   The number we turn on Friday in is the number we pay for on Tuesday.

Happy New Year and we will see you on January 19th.

  December 2015

What a busy time it has been since the last newsletter. First  we had the Constitutional Amendment election on the 3rd November.   All the amendments passed but the most exciting thing that happened that day is that John Lujan got the most votes for HD 118 out of  6 candidates and is in a run-off with second place Democrat Uresti!  The election will be held on January 26th so if you live in that district or have friends who live there please get them out to vote.  John is also looking for volunteers.  If John wins this seat it will really shock the Democrats.   The bad part is he will  have to run again in the March primary.  Lets hope no Republican files against John.

The Texas Federation of Republican Women’s convention in Lubbock was wonderful  but of course not as wonderful as the 2013 one held here at The Grand Hyatt!  It was great meeting up with old friends and elected officials, especially Governor Perry.  However the best part of the convention was that our own Deana Abiassi was elected as District Director of Senate District 25. Congratulations Deana!

I hope those of you who attended the November luncheon enjoyed hearing Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Skop.   I have always enjoyed Dr. Armstrong and as he said, he will be running again for National Committeeman for Texas at the GOP Convention to be held in Dallas in May.

We should all strive to attend the GOP Convention and it all  begins at the precinct level on March 1.   The Steps to the conventions is explained in your Alamo City Republican Women Handbook so be sure to read  all about it on page 28.

Dr. Skop was a joy and she was so excited to be speaking to us.    A few thought she went on  a bit too long but what she said needed to be said.   All lives do matter!  Thank you Dr. Skop.

Please be sure to read the article regarding Speaker Ryan in this  newsletter.  On Facebook as soon as he was elected he was being attacked—I am sure most of them were Democrats.

I met Speaker Ryan in San Antonio at a Chamber of Commerce event and we had a nice conversation about Wisconsin—a friend of mine is his neighbor  plus my daughter-in-law is from Wisconsin.    He certainly has charisma.   I am so excited about all these young Republicans that are coming up in the party and I truly believe Speaker Ryan is the person that can unite this party.

We are currently collecting 2016 dues.  Our year begins November 1 and runs through October 31st. 2016 is going to be a very important year and we need the support of you and your friends.

Please invite a friend to the Christmas luncheon. However, if you cannot attend I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  November 2015


It appears we just cannot lose!  We keep having exceptional meeting after exceptional meeting and members never want to leave.

The speaker, Director of the Center for Terrorism at St. Mary’s University, Jeffrey Addicott, was outstanding.  He had spoken to us 5 or 6 years ago and I think most people would agree, he has greatly improved his presentation and was quite funny.

Wasn’t it exciting to meet all the new local candidates who are vying for our vote in the March Primary?    Most of them do not have a Republican opponent but for those who do, it is going to be a difficult choice for us to make.

Thanks to all of you who paid your 2016 dues—our year begins November1.  First I must explain what we mean when we say federated members.   Every year our membership starts over and we submit paid members to the Texas Federation of Republican Women and to the National Federation of Republican Women.  The names we submit are what we call Primary members.  They are Primary members of Alamo City Republican Women and maybe an associate member of another Republican Club or not.  Men are always associates.     We send $15.00 of our dues to Austin and keep $13.00 to run our club and what we do not use goes in to our candidates’ fund.

As you have heard me say many times, we are the second largest Republican Women’s Club in Texas—Midland County is number one.   This is counting federated members only. Of course there is a lot of competition between clubs.  Last October we submitted 80 members of our first submittal so this year we set a goal of 100.   Guess what?  Thanks to all of you, our submittal was for 117 members!   Since then, we have received more dues in the mail so we are well on our way to increasing our federated members to way over 325 for 2016.  We have 12 months to recruit new members and to get our current members to renew

We have another great meeting line up for you so please invite a gues

HONOR A VETERAN AT FT SAM HOUSTON CEMETERY this Christmas. Purchase a fresh Maine Balsam Wreath for only $15.00. at the next luncheon. Volunteers are needed to help lay wreaths on specific graves on Dec. 12. Patricialist@gmail.comor call 913.669.3589 (c) or 210-481-0142 (H).

  October 2015

We had two fascinating speakers for September.  Comptroller Glenn Hegar gave an excellent report on what he has been doing since he has been in office.   I believe most people were really interested in all the unclaimed money, gold and guns etc. that his office is holding!  Brooke Rollins gave an excellent report on what the Texas Policy Institute is all about. We hope you signed up for her updates.

The weekend prior to the meeting Deana Abiassi and I attended the National Federation of Republican Women’s Convention in Phoenix. Carly Fiorina was a big hit and won the grassroots poll.  Ted Cruz came in second.

I hope you are all aware that Texas finally is included in “Super Tuesday” in March 2016.   In the past the presidential candidate has always been decided upon before Texans get to vote.   For the next 5 months many local candidates are going to need your help – physical and financial.   Please plan of volunteering for at least one candidate. 

 Of course Congressman Will Hurd has been targeted by the D’s so please help him if at all possible.  Talk to friends who live in the 23rd Congressional District to get them on Will’s team.

Another candidate is going to need your help.  Rep. Rick Galindo won a D seat in 2014 and they are going to fight to get that one back too.  Rick did an excellent job for a freshman.  He got five of his bills passed!  

If you would like to serve as an election clerk or judge or even as a precinct chair this is the time to do something about it.  November 3rd is the perfect time to get your feet wet ready for the big election in March. Call  Bexar Elections 335-0370.

You may not even have a Precinct chair at this time and even if you do, you can still file.  Precinct chairs are where the grassroots begin.  Be certain to read  “Republican Conventions” in your handbook pg. 28.  Call local HQ for information at 824-9445.

I know you will all enjoy  getting a terrorism update from Professor Addicott.


Bring a friend!

  Sept 2015


It feels like years ago when we held our last meeting at Oak Hills Country Club, doesn’t it?  For those of you who were not in attendance, it was another over-the-top meeting with County Commissioner Kevin Wolff and Jim Gibson of The Texas Border Volunteers.      What an education we received from both of these superb speakers.

Many of us have been busy all summer with fundraisers for elected officials, collecting school supplies and volunteering for all kinds of political events.   With   so many candidates vying for our attention it is going to be an exciting time running up to the March Primary election. I am not necessarily talking about the presidential candidates.   We will also have our US Congressmen, State Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, Constables and Judges on the ballot in March.  Pick your favorite candidates and offer to volunteer your time.

Our Annual New Member Reception was held on August 1 in the Franklin Room at beautiful Franklin Park.   Alamo City Republican Women members, Susan and Aubra Franklin are so generous and all of their staff is so friendly and helpful when we hold events at Franklin Park.   Thank you Susan and Aubra.  US Congressman Will Hurd was the first speaker and State Representative Rick Galindo was our second speaker.  Both were running late due to former engagements and then bad traffic, so County Chair Robert Stovall filled in until they arrived.   Robert gave us an update on what was going on with the local party and filled us in about the County BBQ.  Thank you to Sue Hensley, our membership Chair who worked on putting this together right up to the event but was unable to attend due to a medical problem.   The food provided by the Board and a few other members was outstanding as always. Thank you to all who participated.

Please be sure to read the biographies of our two speakers because we do not read them at the luncheons.   I know you will be well pleased hearing both of these speakers.

Bring a friend on the 15th and until then, stay cool!


  May 2015

Well we did it again!  We had two fantastic speakers at the April luncheon.  First Mike Gallagher, District 10 Councilman did a excellent job of explaining the May 9th ballot items and gave his recommendations of those he thought we should vote yes or no on.   Councilman Joe Krier was there and he disagreed with Mike on at least one of the issues if I recall correctly.

Our second speaker, Attorney Chris Byrd, opened many of our member‘s eyes during his speech on “Sharia Law in America.”   I think we all learned a lot. He actually had to cut his presentation down due to the time restrictions but it was fantastic all the same.  Hopefully we can get him back at a later date to give the parts of his presentation he had to omit.  I believe one section is called “Sharia Law and Women.”

April has been a very busy month and May is going to be even busier.  First we have the City elections and then the fundraising cycle for 2016 candidates is starting up. I am aware of three major ones being held in May.

Karan Wroten, Alamo City Republican Women’s Legislative Chair, reported at the board meeting that she has had a very successful book drive.    She has donated books to high schools and will be donating many to veteran organizations and to the Baptist Children’s Home.    Your generosity is greatly appreciated.   She may still accept books if you forgot to bring them to the luncheon.  Call her at 499-0224 to check.

 As many of you heard at the luncheon, Alamo City won an award at the Texas Federation of Republican Women’s Legislative Day and Summit for most growth in the Super Jumbo Club category.  Joining our organization and bringing your friends in as members is what made this possible and we thank you.  We did receive a check from The Texas Federation of Republican Women and we wish to thank Speaker Straus for making this cash award possible.

For newer members, we want you to know we do not meet at Oak Hills Country Club during the summer months.  We will be having some special events so watch for notifications.


Once again we have two great speakers for our next meeting  so you will not want to miss this one.  Invite a friend.


  April 2015

We are still receiving compliments on our March meeting.   I think many people were surprised at our new Attorney General Ken Paxton and how likeable he is.     Not only that, they were amazed at what he has done in the 2 1/2months he has been in office.  Personally, I feel he is going to be another great Attorney General for Texas that we can all be proud of.   Some of us had met him when he was on the campaign trail last year and he did speak at our luncheon in either September or October of 2014.

Our other speaker in March was Clara Chumley, dressmaker of the Duchess Gowns for the Order of the Alamo, and she brought an amazing dress and train for us to view.  They were absolutely beautiful and we have pictures to prove it!   A lovely lady and what a talent she has.

You will not want to miss the April meeting because once again we have two great speakers.   Be sure to read their bios inside this newsletter.  Chris Byrd will be speaking on Sharia Law in America and District 10 Councilman will be speaking on the city ordinances, which will be on the May 9 ballot.

By the time you read this our Mayor’s Forum which we are co-hosting with the San Antonio Tea Party and the Republican Men’s Club will be over.  Unfortunately we could not get the newsletter printed in time but those of you on our email list received the flyer announcing the forum by email.

Our Literacy Chair, Karan Wroten is extremely grateful for all the book donations and cash she received at the luncheon.   Besides placing books in a High School Library, the books are donated to the Baptist Children’s Home and Veteran’s organizations.   Karan will still accept books if you didn’t have the opportunity to bring them to the luncheon.  Call her at 499-0224.  She would love to hear from you.

A group of our members will be traveling to Austin for Legislative Day on April 16. If you didn’t register but would like to go please call me and maybe we can get you in on a cancellation.    If you are a Patron, you are invited to a Reception with the Governor and Mrs. Abbott at the Mansion.


Bring a friend to the meeting.



Freida Wright.

  March 2015

I am so sorry that many of our regular meeting members didnt get to attend the February reception. It was absolutely the best one we have ever held. It appears to get better each year. The home of Norma and Fernando Reyes is so beautiful and we are so appreciative of them for letting us take over their home for a day.

Our members just outdid themselves with the food. Sue Hensley, our membership did an outstanding job of organizing the event. She had a team of awesome volunteers including kitchen sta , food carriers, bartenders, and greeters. All the volunteers are listed inside this newsletter. Great job ladies and our favorite one gentleman!

Unfortunately, our featured guest speaker had to cancel due to the death of her brother but we had four white knights come to the rescue! First we had former City Councilwoman Elisa Chan give us an update on what she is doing within the Asian community and the new organizaton she has formed. Then we had Justice Karen Angelini, Justice Marialyn Barnard and Justice Jason Pulliam—I guess you would call it team speaking on what they do at the 4th Court of Appeals. Members just loved hav-iing four different speakers and we have received nothing but positive comments about the program. If you want to see photos of the event there are over 40 on my Facebook page---Freida Graham Wright.

Doesnt it seem like we had had non-stop elections since November 3rd? Now we are gearing up for the city council and mayoral election on May 9th. The city elections are so important so please get involved. They control a lot more of our lives than we like to admit. Find the conservative council candidate running in your district and volunteer to help. A end the mayoral Forums—we may have one on March 9th with the SATP and the Republican Mens Club if all goes as planned.

Mark you Calendar for April 16th Legisla ve Day. That is when Republican Women from all over the state go to Austin, wearing red.There will be seminars, and meetngs at the Convention Center, we will visit both House Chambers; attend a luncheon with great speakers. Registration forms are available at We will also have some at the luncheon. I would advise all of you to attend.

Please note the date of our March mee ng has been changed to the 24th due to a mix-up of bookings by Oak Hills Country Club. Dont show up on the 17th or you will be joining the Irish Societys St. Patricks Day luncheon!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 24th

  February 2015


It was Inauguration Day in Austin yet we surprisingly had huge attendance at our luncheon.   Many of our members had gone to Austin to the Inauguration and the BBQ so we were quite concerned that we would have a low turnout, especially with all the various illnesses going around.  Our speaker Fred Burton really brought people out.  Thank you all for attending and a special thank you to all our male guests who came to hear Fred.  I cannot remember getting so many emails and calls requesting that we bring Fred back again in the future.   I believe he spoke, and had a longer Q. and A. than any speaker we have had in years.  Guests still had more questions when I finally had to cut him off.  I know he appreciated all the members and guests who purchased his books.  I received an email from him on 25th and he commented what a great group of Republicans you all are.    He also gave information on Smoke Hoods listed inside this newsletter.

It was a joy and honor to have our former DA Judge Susan Reed and Judge Jeff Wentworth for lunch—they are both so loved.  Then we had our newest appointee to the 4th Court of Appeals, Jason Pulliam and Justice Marialyn Barnard stop by, along with two of our new Judges, Jason Garrahan and Tommy Stolhandske. What a wonderful day day it was!

2014 was an exciting year for all of us involved in the political process and 2015 is going to be another great year.   We have the supposedly “non-partisan” mayoral and council races in May and by the end of December we will have all our candidates signed up ready for the March 2016 primaries.    

Inside this newsletter there is an application form to attend the Texas Federation of Republican Women Workshop to be held on the 28th February in New Braunfels.  We would highly recommend that you attend.  The cost is only $20.00 and includes lunch.  You will learn a lot from a great group of speakers who are scheduled to speak.    It is not very far to travel to New Braunfels but we will be carpooling if you want a ride.

Try to bring a friend to the Membership Recruitment Reception on the 17th to hear Justice Eva Guzman.


Be sure to read all the instructions regarding the reception on the 17th.



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